Talkin’ ‘Bout Turtle – S03E09 – Vegas Baby, Vegas!

New Talkin’ Bout Turtle episode is up! We take the show to some surreal and terrifying places with this one. David Lynch better watch his back!

Synopsis: Andrew struggles to navigate a strange place with a new name. The origins of Milk Baby are explored.


Source: Talkin’ ‘Bout Turtle – S03E09 – Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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Talkin’ ‘Bout Turtle – S03E08 – “The Release”

Special Agent Budweiser comes to town and reveals some strange proclivities. Judge Justice  gets an unexpected guest in his courtroom. Devilberg  collects on some old debts. Erik realizes that his guilt over Andrew’s murder is only the beginning of his problems.

All this and more on the HIGHEST OCTANE Talkin’ Bout Turtle yet!

Source: Talkin’ ‘Bout Turtle – S03E08 – “The Release”

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Episode 33 – A Christmas Carol

It’s a CHRISTMAS miraC[ARO]Le!

Following his brutal murder of Andrew, a feral and frightened Erik is on the run from the police, Milk Nerd security personnel and his own demons in a very special, guest-filled TBT Christmas episode*

*If you dig our story weirdness, hunker down because there’s no Entourage discussion at all in this one. Our gift to you.

Source: Episode 33 – A Christmas Carol

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Episode 32 -S03E07 – “Strange Days”

When Erik goes rogue, Andrew uses the considerable Milk Nerd resources to try to contain the situation, bringing both men into stark confrontation with their past and uncertain future.

Sometimes cornered animals are the most dangerous.

Source: Episode 32 -S03E07 – “Strange Days”

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Episode 30 – S03E05 – “Crash and Burn”

Erik plans an elaborate heist on the Milk Nerd offices to retrieve valuable evidence for the impending trial. He reaches out to rival/scoundrel/heist-man/Canadian Danny Stearns for assistance. Andrew makes an uneasy truce but proves a serious liability.

Source: Episode 30 – S03E05 – “Crash and Burn”

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Episode 29 – S03E04 – “Guys and Doll”

With the trial mere weeks away, Erik goes behind Andrew‘s back for a consultation with high-powered podcast attorney Justin James-Patterson(Real Good Show). Andrew comes face to face with an old rival, triggering an *electrifying* look into his backstory. Erik watches an interesting film about balloons then becomes out of breath and makes a mess for unrelated reasons.

Source: Episode 29 – S03E04 – “Guys and Doll”

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Episode 28 – S03E03 – “Dominated”

On a horrifying Halloween episode, Erik and Andrew  travel to an isolated cabin to Talk Turtle, summon spirits, and read a terrifying Turtle Tale(1:00:10) with the intention of scaring primary witness/engineer Will out of testifying against them. When their plan backfires, someone is killed.

Test audiences have fainted in the aisles at the shocking twist ending.

Special cameo by Longbourn’s Songbird author Beau North.
Source: Episode 28 – S03E03 – “Dominated”

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