…the hell?

You ever have one of those moments that causes you to just take a minute to reflect on…everything?  Your personality, your worldview, who you REALLY ARE as a human being on Planet Earth.  I started accepting that our place in the world is ultimately meaningless while daydreaming at a wake.  I realized I couldn’t ever take religion seriously when I was randomly thinking about the story of Adam and Eve and was just overwhelmed by a fit of genuine laughter.  When I finished Infinite Jest, I made a concerted effort to stop judging people because everyone has a story.  The Wire helped me remember that, story or not, we’re all in the same sinking ship of human experience.

Last night, I watched the video for “Watagatapitusberry” by Black Point and everything I thought I believed has been thrown into a state of flux.

Help me.

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4 Responses to …the hell?

  1. brightside2009 says:


  2. shawncita says:

    Thank you for sharing this – everything I thought was confusing is suddenly clear!

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  4. DeScepter says:

    It was a strange and magical roller coaster ride. I was scared and confused when it was all over. And I think I enjoyed it more than I reasonably should have.

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