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Chris Brown: Still An Asshole

So Ike Turner 2: Ike Turner Harder had another freakout. Brown, sporting his “cover myself in ink to hide my lack of physique” look. A pre-emptive “suck my white nuts” to the “He made a mistake, let him be!” people.  … Continue reading

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Infinite Gest vs. The Wisconsin Republicans

So, the Wisconsin republicans got their way. I find this unacceptable.  So, I sent a letter to the 18 Republicans who rammed through their “budget-repair bill”, excluding Dale Schultz — the lone dissenter.  Here is that letter: Dear Senators, I … Continue reading

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Game’s the same. Just got more fierce.

Computer rendering of an American School in 2042. The biggest pedagogical pain in the ass about this whole Wisconsin Union disaster is not simply about workers’ rights and the greater, nationwide ramifications that may be informed by that aforementioned drama.  … Continue reading

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