Infinite Gest vs. The Wisconsin Republicans

So, the Wisconsin republicans got their way. I find this unacceptable.  So, I sent a letter to the 18 Republicans who rammed through their “budget-repair bill”, excluding Dale Schultz — the lone dissenter.  Here is that letter:

Dear Senators,

I realize I don’t know any of you personally.  Maybe you’re all relatively decent human beings.  This entire issue is messily entwined with morality and base humanity—qualities that some are doubting that any of you even possess.  Maybe you are utterly indifferent to what normal people think, which means you’re closer to the robotic caricature of government agent that the Left has portrayed you as.  Maybe you think that’s unfair, which is a start.

I’ll stay away from the partisan binary here, since that end of it is well worn.  I, simply, disagree with what you did.  I always disagree with politicians, however, and rarely bother write to them about it.  That “jaded 20s” thing, I suppose.  I agree that union abuses do exist and that those abuses should be targeted and dealt with but what you pushed through was a scary overreach.  Again, you’ve heard the counterpoints.  I mean, I hope you have.  The only way a sophist closed off to a sincere dialogue can remain so is by sharpening his or her firmly entrenched ideals on the faces of contrary opinions.  Alas, you did what you did.

This transcends that core issue for me.  The narrative that the Democrats are somehow enemies to democracy by trying to prevent the passing of a bill that will damage working Americans is what troubles me.  That you have helped to perpetuate this narrative, either directly or through the failure to disassociate yourselves from it, is more dangerous than an honest ideological divide.  You’ve already won this thing.  Setting up the Democrats as villains to our process, under flimsy and disingenuous pretenses, demonstrates a sheer unwillingness on your part to play fair by this issue.  That shatters any illusion that you’re on the right side of it.  I’m not sure what’s worse, the rhetoric itself or the idea that some of you may actually believe it.  My intent here is not to persuade.  Rather, I write to you now to articulate how frightening I find each and every one of you.


Erik Anthony

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