2011 in Music

Bill Callahan – Apocalypse(remix feat Pitbull)

2011.  Uhhh…The year of Odd Future?  The year chillwave kind of died?  The year every major pop-song had an even bigger post-dub dance remix.  The year R&B got grimey as shit and even opened up to white-boy iterations.  The year some rail-thin American white kids started pushing their meatheaded iteration of “dubstep” so hard that actual meatheads caught wind of it and stole it from them.  The year Lou Reed and Metallica conspired to kill us all.  The year Lil B released 90 more mixtapes.  The year Pitbull was in every fucking song(seriously, fuck that guy already).  And another thing happened.  And another thing probably happened too, but harder!  Oh and albums came out.

At some point there will be a loose album list which may or may not have commentary.   I don’t fucking know, man.  I don’t have like 30 contributors helping me with this.  First, my “alternative” awards(big ups to CMG).  Stay tuned.

The Wesley Willis Award For Best Hustle By A Cat Who Was Only Noticed By Homeless People

The “Own Worst Enemy” Award for Album By a 2011 Critical Darling That Was Left Off Most Year End Lists

The “Mumford and Son” Award For Band I Pretend To Like More Than I Really Do To Ingratiate Myself To Females

The “Regina Spektor Award” For Album I Genuinely Love, Which Will Incidentally Ingratiate Me To Females

Best Alexisonfire Album By a Band Who Isn’t Alexisonfire

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