Episode 28 – S03E03 – “Dominated”

On a horrifying Halloween episode, Erik and Andrew  travel to an isolated cabin to Talk Turtle, summon spirits, and read a terrifying Turtle Tale(1:00:10) with the intention of scaring primary witness/engineer Will out of testifying against them. When their plan backfires, someone is killed.

Test audiences have fainted in the aisles at the shocking twist ending.

Special cameo by Longbourn’s Songbird author Beau North.
Source: Episode 28 – S03E03 – “Dominated”

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Episode 27 – S03E02 – “One Day In The Valley”

With a lawsuit looming, our disgruntled, working-on-deferred-payment graphic artist shows up looking to cash-in. Andrew and Erik try to delicately navigate the situation as it’s likely that Josh will be called in as a character witness against them. Andrew uses the power of montage to map out their case. Will breaks the fourth wall. Erik beats off.

Source: Episode 27 – S03E02 – “One Day In The Valley”

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Episode 26 – S03E01 – “Aquamom”

Season 3 premiere is jam packed with plot movement.  Andrew travels the globe to restore the status quo which will prove to have greater ramifications than anyone could have imagined.  Drinks are toasted.  Papers are served.

Source: Episode 26 – S03E01 – “Aquamom”

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Episode 25 – S02E14A – “Wing Commander”

Me and Andrew recount our wild, crazy summers. The recent string of good luck for Talkin’ Bout Turtle encounters an unforeseen snag. We receive some unwanted guests in the form of Milk Nerd stooges B-Sizzle and Phi-Gon. The status of a founding member is put in jeopardy.

Source: Episode 25 – S02E14A – “Wing Commander”

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Episode 24 – S02E14 – “The Abyss”

Our gambit against All About The Drama pays off as Andrew  and I find ourselves courted by the prestigious Milk Nerd network and their president Dick Devilberg. Surely getting into business with him will be a good idea!

Oh, right, and we discuss the finale of Season 2.

Source: Episode 24 – S02E14 – “The Abyss”

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Episode 23 – S02E13 – “Exodus”

Facing likely irrelevance in the face of our competition podcast( Sammi C and Sarah Kathleen Kantor‘s All About The Drama*), Andrew Schwartz and I put aside our differences to lay down a last ditch gauntlet, to restore Talkin’ Bout Turtle to glory. William J. Merryman is there too.

In the grand tradition of great penultimate episodes like “Rains of Castamere”, “Bad Dreams”, and “Possible Kill Screen”, the tension is at an all-time high.

(All About The Drama artwork by Josh Hollis)

(Actually all artwork by Josh Hollis)

Source: Episode 23 – S02E13 – “Exodus”

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Episode 22 – S02E12 – “Good Morning Saigon”

You try to work hard creating fun segments and interesting discussions, but sometimes a filth pig guest(Danny Stearns) railroads you.

Source: Episode 22 – S02E12 – “Good Morning Saigon”

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